Friday, 9 March 2012

2nd Semester and a trip to SALAMANCA!

Well it's been ages since I last posted an article and I feel very guilty about that. I've been finding it very difficult to find the time to do things for myself here in Murcia that are non-university related and when it's time to relax, it's not time to write articles :P Anyway, despite the moody tone of that last sentence, I'm really enjoying my second semester at uni here in Spain. Now that we're into March the weather has started to significantly improve and we're now into the 20 degree territory...happy days! 

Being home for Christmas was fantastic. Seeing my friends and family again after many months was a great help although I was lucky to have had a couple of visits from friends during the first semester. Glasgow was all lit up with Christmas lights and this year I managed to make a trip to George Square to take a ride on the ferris wheel. I'd love to say the cold was a welcome break but I would be lying, I'll definitely miss the good weather when I leave Murcia. 

Over the past few weeks I've been juggling university work with parties and trips. I've been to London and Salamanca and this weekend I'm off to a town called Elche, which is next to Alicante in the southeast of Spain, to have a guided tour and go ice skating! Such fun! 

The trip to Salamanca was something I will never forget. The city itself is beautiful and there are hundreds of choices for food, drink and entertainment. The local gastronomy is excellent and, for the most part, very cheap. One day we had a deal for 3 tapas dishes and a drink (beer, wine, water) for 4 euros (picture below). You can't beat that, can you? 

The reason for the trip was to celebrate 25 years of Erasmus (Click here for a news report on the event and over 1000 erasmus students from all over Spain participated in the event. We did tours of the city, ate, drank, partied, competed with other cities in various games, did a flash mob in the Plaza Mayor (see video) and had a Gala dinner with music and dancing with all of the students gathered in one hall. I am so glad I went on the trip organised by the local ESN Murcia group (Erasmus Student Network) and I would definitely recommend a visit to Salamanca to anyone, young or old.