Monday, 2 May 2011

May 2nd 2011 - Introduction

Ok so this is my very first blog post ever!! I have created this blog in light of my recent award from the Stevenson Exchange Scholarship at Glasgow University. I am going to document my whole Erasmus experience from my feelings before going away, until my eventual and no doubt unwilling return to Scotland. This blog will hopefully include pictures, a list of my monthly expenditure, a diary (both written and the occasional video), video interviews with local people from several regions in Spain and any other cultural and linguistic information that I happen to find interesting. This should allow me to have a better understanding of Spain when I come back, to improve my spanish linguistic skills and to give future Erasmus students going to Spain a better idea of what the daily life of an Erasmus student is like.

So, a bit about me. My name is Stuart Taylor, I'm 20 years old (soon to be 21!) and I'm currently studying International Business and Modern Languages (IBML) at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK. The principal subjects I study are Marketing, International Business, Spanish and French. I am a piano teacher at the Brian Laurie Paisley Academy of Music where I also play in the accordion orchestras and showbands that take part in local events, UK championships and regular tours to Germany. In July we will be travelling to DisneyLand Florida to play our own individual concerts and also to be part of a "super showband" comprised of accordion orchestras from all over the world.

As you can see, my two main passions in life are music and languages so I hope to learn a lot about music in Spain whilst I'm away. So for anyone interested in Spanish music, keep your eyes peeled for updates!

That was my first blog post! I hope you follow me during my time in Spain and if you're reading any of this and have any questions, go ahead and send me a message here or email me:

Feel free to add me on Facebook.

Hasta luego!


  1. very fancy stu t! i am going to be your first subscriber :D xxx

  2. I'm your second one! :D
    I'll be glad to help you out with any Spanish stuff you want to post here. So, just let me know! :D

  3. Thanks guys. David, you'll be hearing from me!

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